Challenge Coins

United States of AmericaChallenge Coins, today and tomorrow.


The rules and history of Challenge Coins stems from a military tradition initiated by events and occurrences around the world. Our proud military fight, protect and defend the USA. Challenge Coins are more than any ordinary coin. Our American soldiers who protect and face, daring and trials along with demanding provocation of their minds and body. Our brave receive this as a reward, awarded and recognized for a job well done, excellence challenge coins are presented with pride and honor.  There is no contest they deserve this honorable claim. The government are currently in protest of challenge coins. The Army and Navy both put a ban on buying these mementos. Still our strong willed service individuals pull together now as a team to help save tax payers. We agree without question this is a cut back and a test to the ultimatum of sequestration. Who really wins here. Individuals who put there life on the line for the freedom we enjoy as US citizens. We only seek peace with no objection or protest. Clear the chaos and fear. We challenge you!

military_figure_sweeping_combat          military_desert_figure_combat_camo


We have no challenges in making or creating custom coins.